Achieving more together

Feedbackcircles® take you further

Welcome in the future of team development, where team members take ownership of the continuous improvement of their contribution to the targets of the organization. Because together we achieve more than on our own.

A team program of 7 elements

Feedbackcircles® is an instrument for team development, where you set the targets together, learn together and celebrate results together. Together means the entire team, including the team lead. It is not a car wash, but a proven method for circular team development and is tailor-made for every team and type of organization. Using Feedbackcircles® our team coaches facilitate a way of working whereby real reflection, trust and action reinforce each other.

Element 1

Determining development goal

We start with a clear objective in mind. For who does not know to which port he is sailing, not a single wind direction is the right one. With Feedup we determine the ambition of the team, the input of the team members and the personal development objectives. With these focal points we enter the first feedbackcircle.

Element 2

Recognising obstacles

Self-knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom. You really get to know yourself in your contact with others. Together with the team coach the team members learn to recognize the triggers that stand in the way of personal growth and team development. This is how a secure environment develops which is necessary for the next elements. 

Element 3

Make working agreements

Is working together really so obvious? It does not appear to be so in practice. After all we are all different, which is a good thing, too. Here we learn to harmonize needs with each other. We also learn to make agreements about the next step, for a common objective in the future.

Element 4

Formulating essential questions

We determine who our high-impact feedback sources are. They are the most important people you work with in order to meet your targets. It is with them that you go into dialogue, whether exciting or not. Only then do we learn the effectiveness of our contribution.

Element 5

Choosing feedback sources

If you want good answers, you should ask the right questions. A good Feedback question accelerates co-operation. Together with the team coach, the team formulates the questions which provide the answers that feed us. At the same time we practice asking these questions.

Element 6

Collect feedback

The team members schedule appointments with their feedback sources. You collect the feedback probed by you. It is quite exciting, but you feel the support and the wisdom of everything you have learned so far. At this step the team coach remains in the background, but is available for questions.

Element 7

Harvesting teamfeed

All collected feedback is brought back to the team. We listen to each other closely. We reflect carefully so that as a team we use all the feedback that takes us forward. Together with the team coach the focal points are refined and we enter the new feedbackcircle.

Advance to ‘go’

Working with Feedbackcircles® is circular and goes (much) further, beyond a one-time intervention. Under supervision and by repetition the underlying philosophy will sink in.

Program Selection

Team coaching

In company

You and your team are coached by a PAK team coach for one year. The result is a greatly improved co-operation which enables the team to contribute optimally to what it has to do for the organization with focus and pleasure.


Certification Feedbackcircles®

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Together with other participants you qualify in the process of Feedbackcircles and the underlying philosophy. After conclusion you are certified to work with Feedbackcircle as team coach.

Faciliterend leiderschap

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Together with other teamleads you learn how to facilitate your team in order to excel. The focus is on the use of the potential of the team, in line with what the organization asks of you. From that focus we highlight your role, tasks and activities..


PAK organisatieontwikkeling

Feedbackcircles® is a program of PAK Organization Development. In our white paper you will read about our ‘lessons learned’ since 2006 about team development.

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